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Syriatec Services

We offer many services to companies, individuals and organizations with high effectiveness

Android Mobile Apps

Development of applications for Android systems to deal with online services or without Internet,with full control to what do want to deal with ,simple and easy to use.

Web Design & Dev

Unlike other software companies we are not just "order takers". Instead, we are proactive and act as a Solution Partner with a Consulting-Led approach.

Training Services

we demonstrated how to ensure the value of learning as part of business initiatives , the processes related to learning have become indispensable to the business .


Responsive Designsfor Defferints Devices

mobile Interface

our apps based on most famous frameworks like Bootstrap and materilize css that gives you responsive designs

Desktop Interface




Running Projects


Compleeted Projects

NotifyMe Features

NotifyMe is an app that serve your company to delever information to your clints ,browsing your services or your web site with ability to configure what users subjects to hear about

OnLine Services
Upgrade for free to all clints
Supported different android Versions
Multiple Languages Suppurt
Android support
Easy Configuration

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